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1. How many meals do I get in the meal plan?
We have 2 options for the meal plan; regular and large. Regular plan gives about 6 meals where as a Large plan gives 12 meals. We recommend you cook some rice to serve as a side dish and increase the servings.
2. What are the days of delivery/Pick up?
Saturdays. We deliver your meals On Saturdays between 2PM and 6PM. You can also pick up the meals from our restaurant during the business hours. .
3. Do I need to be home for delivery?
It is preferred, but we could also leave it on your front door or with your neighbor. We recommend you transfer the content to the fridge as soon as you can.
4. How is my food delivered?
It will be packed in sealed plastic containers inside an insulated bag - it is advisable to take the containers out of the bag and refrigerate immediately to keep the freshness intact!
5. What should I do with delivery tote?
We request that you please take the containers out and return the tote to the delivery driver (if you are home) or leave it outside for us to pick it up (if you are not going to be home).
6. What should I do with food containers?
You could return them washed to our driver with the bag or recycle at your closest facility.
7. Can I freeze my meal?
You can. Some items freeze better than others. If you have questions, please email us.
8. How do I heat the food?
Please see our Food Heating instructions page!
9. How do I combine different foods?
Please see our attached Meal combinations page!
10. Is the food going to be spicy hot?
Everyone’s spice tolerance is different. We use different combinations of spices and small amount of chili peppers - We thrive to make it palatable to everyone without adding much heat.
11. Can you make the food Peanut free?
Yes. Please inform us about your allergies while placing the order. Keep in mind, our kitchen is not a nut-free facility, but we try our best to avoid cross-contamination.
12. Will the food be almond-cashew nut free?
At this point, we can not customize for these nuts.
13. How will I know when to order?
Cut off for ordering is Friday Night 12 for delivery for the following Sunday. However, we recommend you "Subscribe" for the meal plan so you don't have to worry about remembering to reorder. You can cancel or skip your delivery anytime from a computer or tablet.
14. Can I order in the middle of the week?
Yes, but we only deliver on Sunday. Cut off for ordering is Friday Night 12.
15. Can I order just once or do I have to commit to a long plan?
We do not require any commitments. You’re welcome to use our service once a month, every other week, or during those times that you could use some prepared meals to ease a busy week. However, we strongly recommend using the "Subscription" option.
16. Do I have to become a member for one time use?
Yes, we require you login and create an account for any orders. That way you will be able to see your orders and cancel/change any time.
17. What are the advantages of becoming a member?
Once you’ve subscribed, you never have to worry about getting your order in on time and you will be billed automatically each week. In addition, you can always pause, cancel or edit your subscription(s). Also we will be sending out special offers every month to our subscribers.
18. When is the new menu posted?
We will always have current week and next week's menu ready on the website.
19. Do you ship the food outside Saint Louis?
Not at this time.
20. Do you Cater?
Yes we do! Since we own a food-truck and a restaurant; it gives you multiple options for catering. Email us to discuss more.
21. Do you provide nutritional information for your food?
We currently do not offer nutritional information for our meals. However, the menu insert will have ingredients and spices.
22. I’m not vegan/vegetarian. Will I like your food?
Yes! Many of our customers are not vegan/vegetarian and use our healthy food to compliment their day-to-day meals or reduce their meat-dairy consumption for health and/or ethical reasons.
23. Who are your customers?
We cook for a lot of families, busy parents, university students, athletes, professionals, performers and people who don’t have the time to plan and cook the meals; the way they want to for the week.
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