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Weekly Tiffin

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Our weekly tiffin is 100% plant-based. We change the menu every week. The ingredients are fresh and cooked with authentic spices. Each item is clearly marked and sealed in a leak-proof container. The entire meal is packed in an insulated tote to maintain freshness.

The "Regular" version of tiffin is designed to provide about 6 servings for one individual. You can choose the version that meets your family's needs. 

The "Large" version will provide 12 servings and is suitable for a small family.

Each tiffin (meal) comes with 6 items. The following table lists the quantity of each item. (1 cup = 8 Oz). All meals are 100% Plant-based, made with minimal oil, salt and mildly spicy. The weekly menu for the tiffin can be found here: Weekly Tiffin

Item No. Regular Meal Large Meal 
1 6pc Garlic Naan
12 pc Garlic Naan
2 2 Cups Daal Of the Week  4 Cups Daal of the Week
3 2 Cup Dry Vegetable of the Week 4 Cups Dry Vegetable of the Week
4 2 Cups Lentil Stew of the Week 4 Cups Lentil Stew of the Week
5 2 Cup Tofu/Soy/Chik'n Curry of the Week 4 Cups Tofu/Soy/Chik'n Curry of the Week
6 2 Cups Rice or Noodles of the Week 4 Cups Rice or Noodles of the Week
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